All Because

by | Jun 12, 1997 | Influence

There was once a wood cutter’s wife who forgot to put salt in her husband’s morning porridge. When he angrily complained, she told him that he was a fool to make such a fuss about so trifling a matter. This infuriated the wood cutter, and commencing work in the forest he lashed out at a tree with such force and venom that the axe head flew off. It injured his employer’s favourite horse that was being led to the blacksmith’s shop. That horse was to have taken his employer, a nobleman and an important man in the district, to a meeting of Lords that was to discuss their differences with the King. Because of his anger and foul mood due to the need to arrange for another horse, he successfully argued for an uprising against the King.

In the rebellion that followed many were killed, and there followed a period of poverty, famine and unrest. This rebellion, loss of life and suffering happened because a wood cutter’s wife forgot to salt her husband’s porridge.

The point of this story is to relate how little things can have a widespread effect. Rather like throwing a stone into a pond and seeing the ripples spread out and reach the shore. If we are young, middle aged or even retired we may feel that there is little we can do, or want to do, that will greatly affect others. This is untrue. Every action, every good deed, every performed service, every outreach, has an effect on someone, somewhere. We are God’s hands and feet – have you used yours today? I know of a mother who became so involved and busy that one evening she failed to clean the shoes and prepare the clothes for her three young children ready for school the next day. The day started badly and in a rush. The children went to school in tears. Mother and father went to work in an unhappy mood. It was a bad day for the whole family and no doubt for those who worked alongside the parents. And all because……

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All Because