Alfred Nobel

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Alfred Nobel (1833-96) was a Swedish chemist who invented dynamite. During his lifetime, he made millions of dollars from the manufacture of high explosives. His inventions so magnified the killing power of weapons that some trace the history of modern warfare to him.

One morning in 1888, Nobel opened his newspaper only to find an article about his death! It was his brother who had died, however, and a careless editor had run the more famous Alfred’s obituary. What a shock and revelation the experience proved to be! Alfred Nobel was afforded the opportunity to see himself through the eyes of his peers.

Much to his chagrin, the article about Nobel portrayed him as the Dynamite King and let him know that he would be remembered as a merchant of death who made a fortune by making war more destructive. His legacy to the world would be more efficient methods of killing people.

Dismayed over such a prospect, Alfred Nobel determined to do something about it. Under the conditions of his will, he left more than $9 million to found five prizes to be distributed yearly in equal parts to those who were judged to have contributed most to helping mankind. Thus did the man who invented dynamite forever link his name to the cause of peace.

How will people remember you? As someone who loved his company and did things with his family, or vice versa? As a person of integrity? As one whose genuine faith produced the good fruit of Christian behaviour?

As with Alfred Nobel, you can choose how you will be remembered.

Rubel Shelly

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Alfred Nobel