Red Coats

by | Jun 11, 1997 | Salvation

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A father and his young son were viewing a parade in London, England. Because of the chilling wind, they stepped inside a small store and watched through the window. In the course of time a regiment of British troops marched by, and the man exclaimed, “My, aren’t those Redcoats pretty!” But the little boy replied, “They aren’t red, they are white. If you don’t believe me, just squat down here and look.” Just to prove the little fellow was wrong, his Daddy got down on his knees and looked out the window. To his amazement the coats were not red; they looked white.

What had happened was this. There was a red band of glass around the storefront window, and at the height of that the boy was looking out he was viewing the parade through a red band of glass. When you look at a red object through a red piece of glass, the red object loses it red colour to your eyes. It appears white.

The same thing is true in salvation. When God looks at you through the red blood of Jesus your scarlet sins appear white. This is blood atonement.

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Red Coats