Luther, the Guest

by | Jun 11, 1997 | Caring, God's Hands, Love

“The great thing in life is not so much what we are doing at the moment as the direction in which we are headed.”

This was certainly true for a couple in Germany who, many years ago, were preparing their evening meal when they heard a knock at their door. Upon answering the door, standing there, in the deep winter cold, was an ill-clad youth asking for food. The couple took him in to give him food and shelter for the night.

Being Christians, they prayed for this rather destitute young man. Somehow they both felt that they should take him into their home and adopt him as their own son. This they did. Little did they know who this stranger was and what he would accomplish with his life. His name? Martin Luther.

By Dick Innes, Daily Encounter . Used by permission.


Luther, the Guest