Easter Miracles

by | Jun 4, 1997 | Easter, Miracles

My twin sister had twins, and when they were born they were very sick. The doctors had hoped for one, but the other one the doctors asked us to see her for the last time.

We decided to go to the chapel and pray. We asked god for a new heart and a pair of lungs. I was riding home from the hospital speechless. God spoke to said “prayer warriors” and me, go to the internet and look up pray warriors. I did that, and found this website. I put the babies on the internet for you all to pray for them. They are seven months now, and with 100% health. There is nothing to hard for our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

My friend, he lives, he has all power, and his our savior and lord. Continue to trust him. I know sometime we feel like our faith has run out, but by just sending your prayer request in proves that you have that faith the size of a mustard seed. So, i pray for you right now in the name of Jesus, whatever your situation, what ever your problem that god would move on your behalf. God, in the name of Jesus, i pray for complete deliverance, divine healing, and your blood covering over everyone who reads this pray. I touch and agree with my sister and brother for every good thing they are believing you for in their lives. I count this prayer answered, in the precious and wonderful name of Jesus Christ. He is lives. Trust him, just trust him, and thank him for who he is, and what he is about to do in your life, your family lives also, in the name of Jesus. Look for it– expect it. It is done! God bless you.

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(Received on November 29, 2001)


Easter Miracles