When our Heavenly Father Knocks at our Door

When our Heavenly Father Knocks at our Door


"Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear me call and open the door, I'll come right in and sit down to supper with you. Conquerors will sit alongside me at the head table, just as I, having conquered, took the place of honor at the side of my Father. That's my gift to the conquerors!" (Rev. 3:21 MSG)

So many in this world run after adrenaline rushes. They hope for people to applaud them, and occasionally they do. More often than not, however, even when the applause comes, it will not continue. A brief moment of glory is all most of us give to others before we turn our backs and go on to other things.

When we walk with our heavenly Father, however, His presence is constantly with us. He guides us. He makes us come alive. He will never leave us or forsake us (see Deut. 31:6; Heb. 13:5). His presence will be with us all our lives, and we will never be alone. Through His Holy Spirit, He will talk with us and guideus: "I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances." (Ez. 36:27 NASB). And this isn't just once or twice! As we become more and more excited in the presence of God, His Spirit will guide us all the time!

I have experienced God many times, and I can speak from experience that it is truly exciting to do something with our Heavenly Father. Following God truly does fill our lives with joy and happiness. One of my latest experiences with God happened in Grenada. As I was relishing the sand and sun at Grand Anse beach, I was enjoying talking with other tourists enjoying the beach. Now although I love the beach, I am not necessarily a water person. My wife faithfully brings my snorkeling equipment every time we go to the beach, "just in case"; however I rarely if ever use it. Nonetheless, as I sat there at Grand Anse, I had this sudden urge to go snorkeling!

Now generally when I go in the ocean, all the fish swim quickly away from me. Not so that day! As soon as I put my face in the water, I was surrounded by multiple fish. When I put my feet down on the sand, they stayed with me, surrounding me; and when I swam, they followed me. No matter where I was or what I did, I was surrounded by my friendly school of fish.

That evening while I was in the shower, I relived the experience, and I asked my Heavenly Father what message He had for me in this school of fish. His answer was immediate, "You will lead a lot of people to salvation. Following me!" I was filled with inexplicable excitement. My Heavenly Father has a purpose for my life and just the thought was exhilarating. Nothing can fill me with excitement the way God can. He is my everything.

I don't know what will happen in the future, but something amazing is in the works. And why not? God is, after all, our guide!

Nothing is better than being with our Father. He will always guide us, and when we follow, He will fill us with His presence and draw us closer to Him. What is better? Seeking an earthly adrenaline rush? Or following our loving Father who wants nothing more than for us to come close to Him? Only one of these experiences will last. The choice is yours.

If you want to get closer to our Heavenly Father, let Him know. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and to fill you with purpose. Your Heavenly Father loves you deeply.

Rob Chaffart

Rob Chaffart

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