The Premium Is Paid

The Premium Is Paid

Consequently, when Christ came into the world, He said, "Sacrifices and offerings You have not desired, but a body have You prepared for Me; in burnt offerings and sin offerings You have taken no pleasure. Then I said, 'Behold, I have come to do Your will, O Lord, as it is written of Me in the scroll of the book.'" Hebrews 10:5-7 About 30 years ago an old woman entered the headquarters of a major Minneapolis insurance company.

Overwhelmed by such a large office she stood for a long minute, and then, with hesitation she approached the receptionist: "How may I help you?"

The lady pulled an old insurance policy from her purse.

She lowered her voice and explained she no longer had the wherewithal to continue to make payments on the policy. She said at her age it was hard to get around and even harder to find any work.

Anything she brought in went to keep a roof over her head and food in the fridge. She felt it was proper to stop at the company personally and let the company know it hadn't done anything wrong. She had been perfectly content with the policy; it's just that she couldn't make the payment deadlines. Sympathetically, the receptionist directed the lady to someone who could spend some time with her.

The man took a quick look at the policy, which was for almost half-a-million dollars. He explained that dropping such a large policy wasn't the wisest thing she could do. Then he asked, "Ma'am, this is your husband's policy. How does he feel about it?"

The woman replied, "My husband? He died a little over three years ago."

The company officials kicked into gear. They investigated and found out she was telling the truth. She not only didn't owe them money, they had to refund years of premiums plus the value of the policy. It was enough to keep her comfortable the rest of her life.

My friends, you have a deadline coming. You can work, you can scrimp, you can try, but you won't be able to make the payment. By your own power you are lost.

But, don't worry. Your Brother has made you the beneficiary of His estate.

Jesus has taken care of your deadlines. His birth, His life, His love, His substitution were all used to make the payments on your deadline. His rejection, His betrayal, His trial, His condemnation, His death were part of the 33 years of payments He made.

Now all who are brought to Him and are given a repentant heart that acknowledges the risen Christ as their Lord are saved. Because of Jesus, when the kingdom of heaven comes -- whenever that might be -- they don't have to worry.

Jesus has done all that was necessary to keep them in happiness for the rest of eternity.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, grant that my heart may never grow callous or ungrateful for the lifetime of sacrifices Your Son made so my eternity might be secured. Give me the words to show unbelievers that the Holy Spirit, even now, will have a place for all who acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and Lord. It is in Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Ken Klaus Lutheran Hour Ministries All rights reserved; not to be duplicated without permission.

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