Keeping In Step With The Spirit

Keeping In Step With The Spirit

Galatians 5:25 "Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." (NIV)

When I read this verse, it hits me hard, because, as I look back on my life, during so little of it was I aware of the need to keep in step with the Spirit.

When I look back at my training in the deaconess school, or even in seminary, I don't remember being taught anything about the Holy Spirit being so close that I could, indeed must, keep in step with the power of the Spirit if I wanted to serve Christ.

During my ministry, there were times when I had to acknowledge that God was up to something around me. As I led services of worship, people were giving their lives to the Lord, but did I recognize that the Holy Spirit was walking beside me and calling them as I preached and went on through the day? I wish that I had understood this back then, as it would have made a big difference. I wouldn't have become so exhausted trying to minister in my own power!

But now, as I age and recognize my physical limitations, I have come to realize the importance of living by the Spirit's guidance and keeping in step with Him. The Spirit of Jesus is with us today. He lives among us and is walking with us! The problem with us is that we rely mostly on our own plans and keep walking, without a thought of the Holy Spirit's presence.

Early in the morning, as I read my devotionals and plan the day ahead, I pray about what I need to do. When I have given the day over to the Holy Spirit and am listening to Him and walking with Him, everything feels okay, and I am relaxed about my day. The Holy Spirit brings things together far better than I ever could. I had that experience a few weeks ago when a medical check-up rushed me to the hospital with heart problems. I was completely relaxed, leaving everything in God's hands.

Are you exhausted today, ready to quit or sit down for some time out? Are you relying on your own strength and your own plans, rather than walking in step with the Holy Spirit beside you? When He walks with us and blesses our endeavours, all our worries fade, and we rejoice, seeing things work out. When we commit the day to the Lord and walk in step with the Spirit, our day seems so blessed. The feeling inside us in one of peace and joy, knowing that He is there beside us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we need You every day to guide our way. As we walk with You and keep in step with Your Spirit, our day is joyful and blessed. We need Your Holy Spirit to go ahead of us all the time so that we can follow in Your footsteps, rejoicing that we know You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Iris Ford Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

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