It's Christmas

It's Christmas

It was a few days before Christmas many years ago and it looked like it would be a lean one for my family. The saw mill that I was working at had laid a lot of us off while machinery was being repaired so we didnít have much money. My wife and I had scrimped and saved to buy our young children some toys, but an unexpected car repair had taken most of our cash. We decided then that we could only afford to get one small gift for each of our children.

We arrived at the store and walked down the parking lot past people loading gifts into their cars. I envied them a bit, because it sure didnít feel like Christmas to me. We hurried into the store past the Salvation army bell ringer with our heads down. I had always enjoyed putting something in his kettle before but wasnít sure if I could afford to this time.

We searched all through the store hoping to find one thing each of our small children would like. Thankfully, we were able to get them each someone sweet. We headed for the checkout, bought the toys, and were amazed that we even had a few dollars left over. As we walked out of the store into the brisk, Winter air I stopped and dropped those dollars into the bell ringerís kettle. I didnít have a dime left but that didnít matter. Suddenly, it felt like Christmas.

I think the wonderful actress, Dale Evans put it best when she said: ďChristmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give itís Christmas.Ē It doesnít have to be a gift of money either. When we give our time, itís Christmas. When we share our smile, itís Christmas.

When we give others our kindness and compassion, itís Christmas. When we do anything at any time to help another, itís Christmas.

May you do all you can to make it Christmas every day of the year and every day of your life here. May you always share Godís light through the love you give and the life you live.

Joseph J. Mazzella

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