The Evidence of the Resurrection. Why I am a Christian, part 23

The Evidence of the Resurrection. Why I am a Christian, part 23

The resurrection

"God has resurrected this Jesus. We are all witnesses of this." Acts 2:32 (HCSB)

Simon Greenleaf (1783-1853) was quite renowned at Harvard University. He was detrimental on putting Harvard Law School on the map. He wrote quite a lot of books about the law. The most renowned one is "The Treatise on the Law of Evidence." This book is still used today.

One day, while he was teaching his Law class at Harvard, he stated that the resurrection of Jesus was just a legend. After all, he was an atheist and to his perspective there are no miracles.

Three of his law students challenged the professor to apply his famous rules of evidence to the resurrection account.

He took the challenge, being certain that he would be able to discredit this resurrection account. He started his investigation with vigor.

However, the more he investigated the records of history, the more he studied the events, the more convinced he became that the evidence supported clearly that indeed Jesus rose from death.

Professor Greenleaf was unable to explain what happened on the rcoss, as well as the behavior of Jesus' disciples. It didn't make sense, unless the evidence was true. Not one, nor two of Jesus Disciples declared that Jesus was resurrected. All of them had the same conviction! One day there were hiding in fear and after the resurrection Sunday, they became bold.

Using his own rules of evidence, he had no choice but to conform Jesus' resurrection.

Applying his own rules of evidence to the facts, Greenleaf arrived at his verdict. He concurred with his three students. Jesus was truly resurrected! No way could the disciples continue pretending that Jesus was resurrected. Most of them died the death of martyrs. They never revoked Jesus.

Greenleaf was so convinced that he too accepted Jesus as the Christ and became a committed Christian. In his book, The Testimony of the Evangelists, he challenged anyone about the evidence about the resurrection. He was convinced that anyone who studied the evidence about the resurrection would conclude that Jesus truly was risen. No doubt about it!

Thanks to his three students he found the Risen One.

Rob Chaffart

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