Left Desperately Wanting! Alive series, 23

Neist PointNeist Point Lighthouse

There is a beautiful point on the western side of the Isle of Skye in Scottland, known as Neist Point. It faces the North Sea, and from the shore visitors can often see whales, dolphins and porpoises playing in the water. In addition, the scenery surrounding the point is surreal. Besides the nostalgic lighthouse, the green, rolling hills and the numerous sheep dotting the landscape make it a photographer's dream. Eager tourists come to Neist Point in droves in the summer, and in 2002, a former owner of the Lighthouse cottages in Neist Point saw this as an opportunity to make some money. He decided to establish a toll booth at the Neist Point car park.

The local people did not support the vision of this entrepreneur, however, calling the required toll an "abuse." They began a concerted campaign against these fees, and as a result, the illegal charge was stopped and the cottages were eventually sold to someone else.

There are many swindlers out there in this world. Unfortunately they can even be found amongst the clergy, and this makes the Good News they proclaim about Jesus nothing more than a mockery. Yet when Jesus, Himself, preached, the Bible records: "The crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law." (Matt 7:28-29, NIV2)

So many preachers of today leave us wanting. These are either doomsday-kind-of-preachers, or they are popular because they proclaim that sin is OK. After all, who can boast about being an alcoholic or a child molester? Who can be proud of their sin? No one! So many hunger to be freed from one addiction or another: "If I had known," they so often say with regret.

Jesus is completely unlike these kinds of preachers. In fact, He is radically different from any pastor or priest we know. Who else has so much compassion for each one of us? Who else is willing to spend indefinite time with each one of us? Who else would be willing to sacrifice Himself for our sake? Who else would be willing to help us attain victory over our self-made addictions? There is no one else! (See Acts 4:12). Jesus is the only One who can teach with authority, as He was there since the beginning of time (See John 1:2), and he is the One who procured our salvation forever.

How else could we become so alive? It's only possible based solely on the merits of our Savior. He is the One who gave us life, and He is the One who opened the doors wide for our rebirth to a better reality: God's reality!

"Welcome to my driveway. I hope you will have a pleasant stay. 5$ please, and if you would like to enter my home, it will be another 10$."

Why isn't anyone visiting me?

Rob Chaffart

Neist Point sheep

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