Ask and God will do for you

It was a beautiful morning when I began to teach Bethany some bible verses. I made her to memorize a few by following simple methods, for example,

A for Ask and it will be given to you
B for Be still and know that I am God
C for Commit your way to the Lord

and as Bethany was memorizing scriptures, she said "Papa, can you teach me tiny verses, these are hard to memorize?Ē, I replied, "these are small scriptures Bethany, you can do it."

So, we started again, A for Ask and it will be given to you. Bethany said, Ask and God will do for you, I corrected and said no, itís Ask and it will be given to you, she answered, Ask and God will do for you!

Ask and God will do for you! Ask and God will do for you!

For a moment I stopped and looked at her and then agreed to what Bethany was saying, Ask and God will do for you! Sometimes God uses little kids to teach us some amazing things! Simply put, Ask and God will do for you! I was so blessed that day!

Even as we celebrate Easter, we have a great assurance that He is always with us; he is not dead and yes, My God is not dead. Letís remember the suffering he went through on the Calvary and Celebrate the victory!

Ron Kenoly beautifully sang...

Hallelujah Jesus is alive!
Death has lost its victory
And the grave has been denied
Jesus lives forever
He's alive! He's alive!

Sam, Mildred and Bethany

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