Are you not stronger than a blade of grass?

There has been little rain.

The grass is brown.

I don't want dry grass around my home, but I also don't like cutting it.

I struggle with completing the simple task.

It would be easy for me if the grass stayed that way. It won't.

It will grow again as soon as it rains.

In the winter the snow sometimes arrives early and covers the grass until Spring.

It doesn't grow. I don't have to cut it.

I do have to shovel the snow.

I don't want it to snow so much. I struggle with the simple task.

In the middle of winter I clear a spot in the yard for my dog.

Underneath all that snow...the grass is green.

When it's hot and dry, the grass turns brown and stops growing.

When it's cold and snow covered the grass stops growing but remains green.

When life goes bad and we are beaten down, burned out, or frozen in place, we stop everything. We lose our will. We cry, weep, complain, blame it on others and give up.

We expect someone else to pick us up, pump new life into us and coddle and hold our hands.

"Are you not stronger than a blade of grass?"

We are so much more. We were created to stand up again and again.

We were not made to run and hide. We were not designed to lie down, roll over and die.

A single drop of rain begins the process of rebirth. A storm brings fields back to life. The sun brings green back to grass.

Not once or twice, but every single time.

"Are you not stronger than a blade of grass?"

Get up! Stop your crying. You don't need the rain. You don't need a flood to give you the strength.

Everything you need you already possess.


When you get cut down keep growing.

When your dreams dry up, stand up and build on new dreams.

When it rains dance in it.

When the sun shines play in it.

Stop using these excuses:

Too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too young, too old, too black, too white, too male, too female, too hot, too cold.

Too bad, grow up, and get going.

"Are you not stronger than a blade of grass?"

Bob Perks

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