Even in a Subway. Radical Grace from the Book of Romans (5:2b)

Subway leading to Philadelphia

"And we boast in the hope of the glory of God." (Rom 5:2b)


We tend to boast about what we are proud of. A new car will hopefully create envy in those who notice it. And what about the latest model computer?  Do you see how fast it processes all its applications?  Does your computer handle them as well?  And then there is the latest fashion: Look how nice this new dress looks on me! 


Nothing is more beautiful than when you fall deeply in love with the person who will someday share your life.  It seems that nothing can stop you from boasting about them.  The same is true when you have a baby.  Somehow your baby looks cuter than all the other babies you have ever seen!


The same is true when we first fully experience Godís love in our life.  We are full of fire, full of eagerness to share the good news about Jesus.


Sadly, all of these things tend to grow dim over time as the guile of life rampages, and way too often our eagerness to share seems to evaporate into nothingness.  But it doesnít have to be that way!  A man can still boast about the wife he married 30 years earlier as he continues to treat her like a queen.


The same is true with God, who constantly urges us to spend some quality romancing time with Him (See Rev 3:20).  After all, spending quality time with one another is what keeps our love alive and full of energy!


While riding on the subway in Philadelphia this summer, we were astonished to overhear a Christian full of fervor begin talking with a lady nearby about God.  He had guts.  He was motivated. He was experiencing God on a daily basis and He could not hide his excitement.


Soon other people joined the conversation, until there were about ten people talking about God and His love. When we arrived at the end of our ride, all of them shook hands.  Seeds had been sown, seeds that eventually will germinate to the glory of God.


We need to determine what we truly like to boast about. 


How do you like my brand-new shoe polish?  Do you see how my shoes shine so brightly?


Hmmm. Thatís not really what I had hoped for!


Rob Chaffart

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